Had to get this off my chest…

I’ve seen posts from various blogs (some I follow, some I don’t but are in the sims tags I follow) concerning how ‘if you don’t have the highest settings in the sims, you might as well not play it at all’ OR ask posts where people ask for general assistance to make their gameplay better, and the answer is always ‘upgrade your computer and spend money, buy a new computer’,(also concerning the asks I keep getting by some annoying brat) Might I remind you….

  1. People have bills to pay/expenses to pay for. Take into account that there are families who have what they can afford and a $1,000 computer isn’t RIGHT for everyone.The correct answer would be to update your drivers (can be done with a google search and your driver info in your computer properties), cleaning out dust from the case regularly, closing all programs but the sims when you choose to play, putting a fan near the computer to cool it down (desktop fan, or internal) etc. Last option should be to buy a new graphics card AND THE VERY LAST should be to buy a new computer. 
  2. This is a freaking GAME. Okay. A game. Yes, high graphics are wonderful but you can still play the game if it’s on medium/low settings. I personally don’t think it takes away much other than the trees and textures aren’t ‘OMG HIGH DEF!’
  3. There is nothing wrong with people NOT playing on high quality. As in other means, there is nothing wrong with people who enjoy the sims who don’t have massive beasts of computers. Doesn’t mean their game is any less amazing, or less fun than yours.
  4. If you have a fabulously flawless computer, congratulations for your money spent. You don’t need 10 posts of all your specs to your followers (when they don’t ask for it)
  5. Play the goddamn game and stop complaining about other people’s resolutions not being right/how their game play doesn’t look right, etc. People have different styles!!!!!

I apologize for this, to all my followers who have no idea what this is about. I’m just sick of seeing posts that basically are all high and mighty and are like “LOOK WHAT I HAVE. YOU DON’T HAVE IT. *rubs into your face*. Like congrats, you most likely spent your parents money? *sarcastic hand clap* 

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