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Zombies Who Speak Simlish
A small gaming blog that is run by a 23 year old canadian girl who calls herself Kate.

zabadoo said: i need to show this to my friend, haha, i’m so totally not the only one with over 11gbs of cc! it’s constantly growing too…

Oh fear not, friend! :) I thought I had a lot of cc as well, but it was one night while surfing the internet for MOAR cc, that I stumbled across a post (not sure where…though It might be GOS) where someone had close to 36 gbs. Thirty-six! I would love to see that person’s game. They probably have so many goodies that we can’t find today!

lauraplayssims said: me neither! i’m bugged, but sleep is good compensation. x)

This is true! I watched it on the new live, so I guess it wasn’t as great…but better than nothing! Red moons were quite intriguing! 

simminglife said: same. i’m so sad :(

Aw! I hope you got to see it, or atleast see a video of it. It was really neat!

Just wondering, since you'd mentioned you have 10gbs of CC last time you checked, how long does your game take to load? Mine used to take over 20 minutes to get to the neighborhood screen, then I upgraded to 16gbs of RAM and it takes about 5 at most!
Hello :) it used take forever - maybe  about the same as yours with 8gbs, so I split it into genres (or hoods for example). Each one of my hoods in game has a different theme going on (steampunk, 1940s, grunge-zombie apocalypse), so depending on which hood I play that day, I drop that folder into the game. The current one I have, my retro hood, is around 1.5 gbs and it takes around 2 minutes or less to load. I use the sims renaming folder system, explained here and use the compressorizer as well. I would love to have 16gbs of ram, you lucky person you :D

Can you pretty pretty please upload your TS2 cc folder? Please.
Hi there! Sadly, I do not have the bandwidth, the patience or the time to upload my entire cc folder. Last time I looked at it all together, it was over 10 gb O.O (yikes!!). I have a resources page though, and have a sims finds site here so I really hope it helps :D

Hi! WCIF the hair in the post "post/82089368747/a-quick-nap-often-solves-everything" ? :)
Hi there! That hair is located here :) 


I can’t see the lunar eclipse due to overcast and rain. Screw you rain! You ruin everything!

what are you currently doing in your Sims two game? :>
Right now I am on a search to fill up my game with 1920s - 1960s themed goodies. I blame this on seeing bioshock and then I got all squeey thinking about how wonderfully beautiful that is!