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1. Not all these are blue 3d creatures 
2. A Place of Questionable Content 
3. A Window to the Soul 
4. Seek and you shall find 
5. From the ashes it rises

Qunicy is starting to evolve! 

Third Family - Chesterfields

Milton and Sue Chesterfield have quite a handful with 6 kids (what did I get myself into?!). Their two oldest, daughter Elizabeth and son Arthur have both set their eyes on attending a prep high school. While the middle children, daughter Dorothy and son Charles are rather rambunctious and want to have all the fun they can. The little ones, twin daughters Hannah and Doris can’t do much, but the family has big expectations for them!

Spending time in the sunshine

Kipler Kitchen

Meet the Kipler Family - Alvin & Audrey

Audrey likes to sew and garden, while Alvin is a trained Jazz player and violinist.

» RAGE! Horror movies suck now a days :(

I just want to ask myself: what in the world happened to the *GOOD* horror movies? I just finished watching a “horror” movie, well…it claimed it was horror, and it .was. terrible. I don’t understand why every ‘scary’ movie now a days has to rely on jump scares to frighten its audience. What ever happened to ambiance and seeing the bigger picture? I don’t even hate jump scares. I just watched The Last Exorcism, which I heard everyone raving about, including my sister, and watched the entire thing. I am actually angry that I watched it. The movie was ridiculous. It has implied rape/incest, a two faced pastor who was actually running a cult full of satanists and the murdering of kittens. It also is never fully explained, and therefore implies you must watch the sequel. No. Nein. I will not do such a thing.  I figured it would be good because possession and ghosts scare the CRAP out of me, but there was literally nothing scary in this movie. The scariest part was when the girl bent into weird shapes. That is all. -_-

Despite having quite a few cooking points under her belt, Mildred still manages to burn spaghetti.