are you going to try that left 4 dead neighborhood?
- Anonymous

Hi there anon! Ya, I think I will attempt it, but it’s going to be ‘my take’ on things. So inspired by the game I suppose? It would be way too much work to make it look EXACTLY like l4d/l4d2 (and I can’t find certain cc I am looking for to make that happen). I just plan on having fun with it :D

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Replies :D

SERI-PLAYS SAID: *Very quietly head tilts at the guillotine*

Hehe, I attempted to try and make it a ‘scary park’…something like we have in my town during Halloween. They do have guillotines (but they are not real of course :P) and skeletons hanging from trees. It’s pretty neat :D

THEFRECKLEDBITCH SAID: PVZ means plants vs. zombies, so he or she probably meant the zombie chair ;-)

OHHHHHHH. Okay, that makes sense xD Why didn’t I think of that?! Thank you for explaining :)

JUSTSIMAROUND SAID: It looks incredible!! I love it *-*

Awe, thank you so much


CREAMYSQUIDSOUP SAID: Hope ya get to feeling better real soon
NECILE SAID: Aww.. I hope you feel better soon!

Thank you sweethearts! So far it’s getting better. All I am drinking is tea (makes me feel better) hehe :D 


mmmmm tea :D


I think today is the perfect day to play the sims

My lymph nodes are all swollen in my neck due to allergies, my nose is stuffed up and my throat hurts. I’ve already had like 12 hours of sleep so I guess it’s time for the sims!

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DressRuchedParty AF 4t2 + NecklaceRomantic 4t2

Download Dress / Download Necklace / LJ post

credits: EA

Bella´s outfil anyone? =D

What already?! This community IS AMAZING!!! <3 <3 <3 Verankaaaaaaaaaaa *throws down flowers of joy*

I find is fascinating that people are already converting and the game isn’t out yet! This is so cool! I can’t wait to see what else is in store :D

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Recoloured Trees - Purple & Orange

Hello everyone! Here’s a little something that an anon requested about 2 weeks ago (and a few asked where they could find it. Sorry for being tardy!). It is just two tree recolours, one purple and one orange of the Birch Tree from in the game. They’ve been seen in the picture below:


but can also be seen here: 1,2,3

Download Here

Sorry for the lack of preview pictures but I figured these would be okay. Thank you to everyone taking interest in these and please let me know if anything is wrong with them. These are my first recolours outside of walls/floors and furniture though they seem to work fine in my game.

Ello. I am wondering where you found the trees in this post /post/95886910438 and this post /post/95806768117/an-asylum-that-has-since-been-renovated-and-turned.
- Anonymous

Hello there anon!

I get this question a lot so I figured I should probably answer it. They were just trees I recoloured one night that I planned on releasing as a followers gift(I still most likely will as they have caused nothing wrong in my game). Around the time I made them though, I seen a lot of people downloading and complaining about another wonderful simmer’s tree creations. I think I just got worried if my creations would do that….but nothing has went wrong so far. :D

*edit* they can be found here in this post :D